ACM Research - Need coders?

ACM is a student organization within Computer Science (CS@Mines) where student teams work on projects of interest. Several ACM members have recently discovered a need for skilled software developers by Mines' various research projects. For example, ACM was contacted by researchers in the environmental department about creating an automated sensor recorder. By using our members expertise in electronics and software, the project (which had been stalled for two weeks) was finished within two hours.

The goal of the ACM Research Team is to provide a high-quality resource to researchers on campus. From data scientists to hardware specialists, the ACM Research Team can provide the technical “know how” for your project. ACM also removes the hassle of finding talent for your needs, as we validate the technical skills of students on the team.

Project Classifications

  1. Simple Projects (2 - 4 hours)
    • A Simple Project is a small software or hardware issue that an ACM Research Team Member could finish in a short time. These projects will introduce skilled CS students to researchers and only require a well-defined goal. Since the duration of these projects is short, ACM Research Team Members are willing to do this work for free. If the researcher is pleased with the end result, a donation to the ACM Student Organization would be appreciated to help continue our support for researchers.
  2. Large Software Projects
    • There are several options for larger projects that require multiple developers over a several week period.
    • One option is to submit the project as a Computer Science Field Session project. Contact Christopher Painter-Wakefield for details.
    • Paid work is always an option to ensure that your team has immediate and dedicated work. We can help assemble a team who can do the long-term development required for your research project.
    • A final option is to submit the project as an ACM open source project, which would need to adhere to ACM's internal project policies. If you go this route you need to make sure that the project is well supported by your team, please contact Sumner Evans for details.
  3. Long Term IT Position
    • For long term project maintenance (such as Systems Administration and Database Management) or long term data analysis, we can help find quality students to fill the job. These types of positions would need to be paid.


If you are interested in ACM research assistance, please contact