Testing the OLED display for parking lot counts at the Fall 2017 Xilinx Hackathon: it works!

Mines ACM Student Chapter

The Mines ACM Student Chapter is the local chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery at the Colorado School of Mines. As a Mozilla Open Source Club, we work on open source projects that target local problems and apply to a global issue. Our club finds recognized professionals from industry for tech talks to educate our members. We are a diverse group of students that when united can solve many computing problems.

Join our ACM Chapter!

To join our ACM chapter, simply show up to our meetings. Newcomers are welcome to all meetings.

You should subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest happenings.

We also recommend our members purchase a student membership with ACM, although this is not a requirement for membership in our club.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Project Meeting 1/31 – Come contribute to existing CS projects, or start your own. This is a great resume building opportunity!
    Date: Tuesday, 31 January 2023 from 18:00-19:00
    Location: Marquez Hall: MZ326